Google Product & Syndication

We all know, the internet starts with the use of Google. The most widely using the search engine Google holds plenty of other supporting products for its business partner and we’re training our students in all of them. We’re training our students in multiple Google products which could help in analyzing their website, improving the performance of their website, and promotion as well.

We are majorly covering Google Analytics, Search Console, Partnerdash, Google News, Google My Business, and others. With the use of a search engine and its tools for the creation of business, we are teaching how to create living out of ree products of Google.

What you'll learn
Google Analytics
Google Adsense
Google Ads Basics
Google Search Console
Google My Business
Google News
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by Ananya Gupta
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Course price
₹7,000.00 ₹8,000.00
This course includes
  • Live Training
  • Recording after session
  • Text Notes
  • Regular exercises
  • Client projects demonstration
  • Paid Tools (1 Month)
  • Certificate of Completion
Durations: 1 week
Lectures: 0
Maximum Students: 20
Skill level: intermediate
Certificate: yes