Google My Business & Google Knowledge Graph

Want to make a free trial in the world of digital marketing? Google My Business, a free service by Google is the one that offers you a chance to list your business on Google for free. To conquer the answer to “Tell me something cheap” asked by the client, Google My Business listing is the solution.

Learn how to create an optimized Google My Business listing and how to make it ranked against your competitors. Gain customers or leads without creating any website or application.

Also at Craft Digi learn how to get your blogs (informative) ranked in the front pages of Google under the knowledge graph section which is commonly called as structured snippet or featured snippet.

What you'll learn
What is Google My Business?
How to get business using Google My Business?
What is Google Knowledge graph?
How knowledge graph works?
How to create your featured snippet
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by Ananya Gupta
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This course includes
  • Live Training
  • Recording after session
  • Text Notes
  • SEO Optimised description
  • Certificate of Completion
Durations: 3 day
Lectures: 6
Maximum Students: 20
Skill level: beginner