Flippa Business Creation

Do you know you can create and sell a website in thousands of dollars in just a little time span? Platforms like Flippa are always welcome for the sale and purchase of digital goods like websites, domain names, applications, running a business, etc. Only a few digital marketers know how to generate business using Flippa and other digital goods auction portals.

Here at Craft Digi, we’re helping our students to capture the most advanced tricks of creating a business using auctions platforms. This includes niche selection, keyword finding, business listing, domain selling, and much more. From a wide range of opportunities, the student gains access to the assured result.


What you'll learn
Niche or topic selection
Competitor analysis
Web hacks on Flippa
Networking on Flippa
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by Ananya Gupta
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Course price
₹3,000.00 ₹4,000.00
This course includes
  • Flippa Account Creation Help
  • Recording after session
Durations: 2 day
Lectures: 5
Maximum Students: 20
Skill level: beginner