Email Marketing

Ever thought why you get thousands of emails per month? How companies come to know about your activities on emails? A profitable motive lies behind this all which all product or service-based companies move with.

Here we teach our students how to create bulk email postings and how to generate quality leads or business out of email marketing. And in the advanced classes of email marketing we teach our students how to raise or increase the open rate of emails. With the creation of premium and quality templates, we seek every student to conquer the heights of results from email marketing.

What you'll learn
What is E-Mail Marketing
Importance of Email Marketing
Email Marketing Strategy
How to Create Subscriber List
Mail Chimp Integration in Website
A/B Testing
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by Ananya Gupta
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Course price
₹7,000.00 ₹8,000.00
This course includes
  • Live Training
  • Recording after session
  • Text Notes
  • Regular exercises
  • Client projects demonstration
  • Paid Tools (1 Month)
  • Certificate of Completion
Durations: 1 week
Lectures: 11
Maximum Students: 20
Skill level: intermediate