Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever thought you can get a commission just for recommending or reviewing products? Yes, this is the next big thing of Digital Marketing where companies are paying thousands of dollars to the affiliate marketers just to promote their product or service.

The payroll comes in return for a user acquisition like email submit, ZIP submits, credit card submission, sale of a product, or even for install and download of applications & software. One of the profound names of an affiliate marketing company in India is Amazon Affiliate while other platforms like Clickbank, etc are also available. We’re training our students here on how to get approvals from big networks and how to select the best product to promote.

What you'll learn
What is Affiliate Marketing
Importance of Affiliate Marketing
Apply for Affiliate Marketing Network
How Affiliate Marketing Works & Dashboard Understanding
Affiliate Marketing Network Reports and ROI
Affiliate Marketing Payment Model
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by Ananya Gupta
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Course price
₹40,000.00 ₹50,000.00
This course includes
  • Live Training
  • Affiliate Network Approvals
  • 100% Assured Income
  • Text Notes
  • Advanced Affiliate Tools
  • 24/7 Dedicated Call Support
  • Certificate of Completion
Durations: 8 week
Lectures: 9
Maximum Students: 10
Skill level: advanced